for Magnetic and Ferroelectric Thin Films

Magnetic films are widely used in information storage, stealth technology, magnetic sensors, microwave communication, electronic countermeasures, electromagnetic compatibility and so on. Magnetic films can be used as thin film magnetic recording media, thin film magnetic heads, thin film noise suppressors, planar thin film resistors, capacitors, etc.

Ferroelectric materials have a series of excellent physical properties, such as excellent electrochemical properties, dielectric properties, pyroelectric effect, piezoelectric effect, electro-optic, acoustooptic effect, photorefractive and nonlinear optical properties. These properties can be used to make different functional devices, and it is expected to prepare integrated devices through the integration or combination of ferroelectric thin film materials and other materials.


CasCrysTech(CCT)  provides high-quality substrate materials for these ferroelectric thin film materials, including TiO2, MgO, SrTiO3, (LA, SR) (al, TA) O3, LaAlO3, TGG, GGG, etc.