Er3+:YAG crystal is an attractive laser material for eye-safe emission at wavelengths of 1617 and 1645 nm which can be resonantly diode-pumped into the upper laser manifold at 1470 nm and 1532 nm. Due to the low quantum defect, high slope efficiencies of >80% can be achieved with direct fiber laser or InGaAs/InP pumping. By using heavily erbium-doped (~50 at.%) YAG crystal efficient CW laser operation at ~3 µm can be obtained.CasCrysTech (CCT) provides high quality Erbium -doped YAG (Er:YAG) crystals upon request from customers.


CW and Q-switched eye-safe (~1,6 μm) in-band pumped lasers with nearly quantum defect limited efficiency for military applications including LIDAR, telemetry, or active imaging.
Channel waveguide eye-safe (~1,6 µm) in-band pumped lasers with diffraction-limited output for long-distance telemetry and ranging.
CW and Q-switched ~3 µm lasers for oral surgery, dentistry, implant dentistry, and otolaryngology.


Isotropic crystal (cubic symmetry).
High thermal conductivity.
Strong absorption bandwidth near 1470 nm corresponding to InGaAsP/InP laser diode emission.
Emission spectra at 1617 nm is free from absorption in the atmosphere.
Custom crystals available upon request.

  • Crystal Structure


    Lattice Constant

    12.01 Å


    4.56±0.04 (g/cm3)

    Melt Point


    Mohs Hardness


    Specific Heat Capacity

    (0-20)   0.59 J/g.cm3

    Elastic modulus

    310 GPa

    Young's modulus


    Poisson's ratio

    0.3 (est.)

    Tensile strength

    0.13~0.26 GPa

    Thermal Expansion

    <100>(0~250°C )

    Direction: 8.2x10-6 /°C

    <110>(0~250°C )


    <111>(0~250°C )


  • Customize upon request.