Lens and Prisms


CCT specializing in processing all kinds of prisms, lenses, cones and heterosexuals, which can be processed according to customers' requirements.

Special cold working of plane mirror and spherical mirror.

1. Parameters of spherical mirror.

General: radius of curvature (R), number of apertures (n), local aperture (△ n), finish (b), eccentricity (linear deviation C), angular deviation β)。

Special: specific dimensional tolerances.

2. Parameters of plane mirror

General, flatness refers to the number of apertures (n), local aperture (△ n), parallelism (/ /), angle (∠), perpendicularity (⊥), and finish (b).

Special: specific dimensional tolerances.

Ø 50 Ultra wide angle lensØ 70 glued objectiveØ 150 Beam splitter
0.4mm Angle second level micro prism30_ Bevel cone lensStep mirror
Φ 250 Spherical mirrorØ 250 Spherical lensØ 300 Long lens
Wide angle mirror (multi sphere)Conical lensHole positioning step mirror
Hexagonal quartz rod24x15x218 hexagonal quartz inclined rodAngle rod mirror
Scanning glued prism groupElliptical plane reflectorOctagonal strand prism (high speed scanning mirror) 
Rod mirror of various sizes and precisionStrip mirror with various specifications and accuracyPolorizing Prism