Semiconductor Crystals

In the next few years, the third generation semiconductor materials represented by gallium nitride and silicon carbide will achieve breakthroughs in material growth, device preparation and other technologies, and be applied to 5g base stations, new energy vehicles, UHV, data centers and other new infrastructure scenarios, greatly reducing the overall energy consumption.

The two most commonly used semiconductors for electronic circuits are the group IV elements silicon and germanium. Silicon and germanium need lower energy to break their covalent bonds in crystals. This is the main reason why these two semiconductors are most commonly used.

Non fourth group elements can also form diamond-like crystals by pairing atoms with eight valence electrons. Such pairing can also be formed by selecting atoms in groups III and V, II and VI. For example, gallium arsenide for high-speed microelectronic equipment (including satellite and optical fiber communication systems) and CdTe for common silicon-based photovoltaic devices.

We can provide Si, Ge, Ge, SiC, ZnO, GaAs and other semiconductor crystals.