Wire Cutting Processing


The company has a full-automatic diamond wire cutting machine, which is suitable for cutting materials with different hardness, such as ceramics, crystals, glass, metals, rocks, thermoelectric materials, infrared optical materials, composites and biomedical materials. It is mainly used to process large-scale precious materials, and the cutting size can reach 12 ". The full-automatic diamond wire cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and can meet the cutting of most materials. The full-automatic diamond wire cutting machine is a continuous cutting diamond wire cutting machine. After setting the cutting procedure, the sample is fed continuously without manual adjustment. The size accuracy of the cut sample is high, within ± 10% μ M.

Detailed parameters are as follows:

1. The main motor drives the diamond cutting line to move downward at a constant speed, and the material is fixed on the workbench to ensure the stability of cutting.

2. The workbench can be operated manually or through program control ˚ Rotation adjustment.

3. Pneumatic tensioning system and imported pneumatic components are adopted to make the tensioning force more stable and reliable.

4. PLC program control system and large touch screen make the operation simple and fast.

5. We can design tools and fixtures according to your needs.

Automatic Diamond Wire Cutting

1. Ceramic materials: alumina ceramics, zinc oxide ceramics, zirconia ceramics, target ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, conductive ceramics, non-conductive ceramics, etc;

2. Crystal materials: graphite, silicon crystal (solar polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon), sapphire, alumina crystal, infrared glass crystal, alumina crystal, silicon carbide crystal, cesium iodide crystal, etc;

3. Glass materials: chalcogenide glass, optical glass, quartz glass, infrared glass, glass tube, etc;

4. Metal materials: iron, aluminum, copper, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy and other metals and alloys, non-ferrous metals (zinc sulfide, ferrite), etc;

5. Composite materials: PVC board, carbon fiber composite, glass fiber composite, etc

6. Rock materials: precision cutting of natural rock, jade, meteorite, Peicui, agate and other high-value materials; Geological light slice, geological thin slice (sedimentary rock, magmatic rock, metamorphic rock, ore), etc.

7. Thermoelectric materials: bismuth telluride, lead telluride, silicon germanium alloy, etc

8. Infrared optical materials: zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, silicon, germanium and other crystals

9. Biomedical materials: bioplastic specimen sections (joint sections of human animal organs, jaw soft and hard tissues, implant observation, dental crown and bridge, teeth and other histological specimens); Joint sections of soft and hard tissues in orthopedics (fresh and hard tissues such as femur, hip joint and vertebral body, bone histological samples with implants, etc.); Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular stent sections, stone sections and other medical tissue sections.