Crystal Growth Furnace


Induction Heating Furnace 



The controller controls the lifting speed, lifting stroke and speed of the lifting mechanism

1. Lifting speed: 0.2-10mm/h

2. Lifting stroke: 0-500mm

3 speed: 0.5-40rpm

Induction parameters:

1. Working voltage: 380V AC, 50 / 60Hz, three-phase

2. Output current: 42a (100a air switch is required)

3. Maximum input current: 25 kW

4. Oscillation frequency: 30 - 80 kHz

5. Cycle ratio: 80%

6. induction coil: 150mm (OD) x 140mm (ID) x90mm (H)

7. Protection: equipped with water pressure, ultra temperature and ultra power protection

Temperature control parameters:

Operating voltage; 208 ~ 240V AC, single phase

PID temperature control is adopted, and 30 temperature rise and fall procedures can be set

Over temperature & couple breaking protection is set

Temperature control accuracy: + / - 3 º C

C-type thermocouple is adopted, and the probe extends into the graphite crucible

Continuous operating temperature: 1000 º C ~ 2000 º C

Maximum heating rate: 10 º C / S (1000 º c-1200 º C) 8 º C / S (1200 º C ~ 1500 º C)

Furnace body size

The internal diameter is 400mm and the height is 700mm.

Sealing flange

Top flange: stainless steel folding flange with a 1 / 4 "armored interface (thermocouple can be inserted), which is installed with

top valve

Bottom flange: the bottom flange interface is kf25 interface, which can be connected with the vacuum pump through ripple.

Custom made

It can be customized and selected according to customer needs.