FTO Glass

FTO glass is widely used in new scientific and technological fields such as solar cells, biological experiments, electrochemical experiments (electrodes), universities and laboratories.


1. Specification: 100 * 100mm, 150 * 100mm, 150 * 200mm; Non standard specifications can be customized.

2. Thickness: 1.1mm, 2.2mm.
3. Square resistance: less than 10 Ω.

4. Light transmittance: ≥ 79%; Haze: ≤ 5%;5. Wiring connection: conductive tape connection, special clip connection and silver printing wiring.

6. Application: solar cell, biological experiment, electrochemical experiment (electrode), university laboratories and other new scientific and technological fields.

7. Packaging: clean paper clip shockproof and moisture-proof packaging.