for HT Superconducting Films

With its unique physical properties, superconducting materials play an irreplaceable role in many fields, such as medical instruments, transportation, cutting-edge large scientific devices, controllable nuclear fusion, power system and so on.

Many materials have been tried as substrates for HTS films, but most have met with limited success. In general, the search for substrates that can support the growth of highquality HTS films has centered on materials having the perovskite crystal structure, usually oxides. Most of the other materials that have been studied extensively and/or met with some success have fallen into one of the following categories:

1. Oxides with a crystal structure that is not based on the perovskite cell; 

2. Semiconductors; 

3. Metals.

CasCrysTech provides high-quality substrate materials for high temperature conducting thin film materials, including MgO, LaAlO3, LaSrAlO4, (La,Sr)(Al,Ta)O3, SrTiO3, KTaO3, YSZ, NdGaO3, YAlO3.